CRM pour l’investissement alternatif

DealFabric now offers new functionalities powered by generative AI. The latest version of DealFabric, the CRM dedicated to the alternative investment market, provides customers with the extraordinary power of Azur Open Al, the most advanced technological solution on the market designed by Microsoft and Open Al. As a result, DealFabric CRM users can save a considerable amount of time every day tracking their contacts and deals.

Riche et personnalisable pour

Gestion du deal flow, relations investisseurs et fundraising / Gestion avancées des contacts / Suivi des éco-systems / Data Collection / Portfolio Management / Marketing & Communication / Reporting

Adapté à votre métier

LP / GP / VC/ PE / CVC / Asset Management / Family Offices / Fund of Funds / Real Estate / Dette Privée / LBO / Secondary Capital / M&A