Customer Use Case

Entrepreneur Invest est client de DealFabric depuis juin 2020Entrepreneur Invest is a Venture Capital and SME growth investment company.

It manages more than 700 million euros of investment through equities and convertible bonds. It also manages 1.2 billion euros in assets and has invested more than 2 billion euros in 400 companies.

Entrepreneur Invest chose DealFabric CRM in June 2020 to monitor its deal flow, the managed funds , its clients and its investments. They also chose the DealFabric Marketing Suite for the automation of their marketing and communication campaigns.
DealFabric is integrated and synchronized with Entrepreneur Invest’s internal tools: Outlook, OneNote and MS Access .

Entrepreneur Invest est une société de gestion fondée en 2000, spécialisée dans l'investissement en non-coté.