Application for investors

DealFabric CRM covers all asset classes to allow all investors to manage their deal flow according to their needs

DealFabric enables modern deal flow and investor relations management

Feeding the deal flow

Growth, Venture, LBO, Private Debt, Infra, Real Estate…

Record all your deals the way you want: It is crucial for investors to have information about companies, contacts and deals. DealFabric allows you to have this information as personalised as necessary, but also to be able to load it very easily and quickly with the help of Excel “Copy / Paste”.

Easily register and track co-investors in your deals as well as all other stakeholders such as investment agents, bankers, consultants, influencers, etc.

Manipulate your data directly in Excel: in one click, transpose your data into Excel, manipulate it, complete it or add to it, save it and it’s all in the DealFabric CRM. It’s magic or almost…

Different presentations of the deal flow: Kanban view (cards) for late stage teams dealing with limited volumes of deals, or Data Tables view for early stage teams with large volumes of data. You also have access to numerous graphical representations that will allow you to analyse and understand your deal flow at a glance.

Analysis and consultation of the deal flow

Create your own dynamic lists

The dynamic lists allow you to visualise your deal flow according to the stages of your investment cycle in one click. They are updated dynamically and in real time as you enter data.

You can create as many lists as you want to segment your data by sector, geography, interest, score, etc. so you can access your analyses in one click!

Dans DealFabric CRM vous pouvez visualiser votre deal flow de toutes les manières possibles

Accès à toutes les datas du deal flow en un clic

Access to all data of your deals and tracked companies

Visualise your data as you need it

All the information you need is available in one or two clicks in DealFabric. You can directly access :

  • The “company documents” you have won,
  • Information on financing rounds,
  • Meeting notes, etc.