Analysis and reporting solution

With DealFabric CRM, you can use all your data as you wish. Analyses, simulations, historical records, reporting, sharing or even extraction directly into Excel – it’s all possible. The most powerful solution on the market: Microsoft Power BI

Reporting and indicators

Track key indicators and manage your business

Set your key indicators to monitor the performance of your activities. Track your funds, events, etc. Find them in real time in graphical dashboards or automated emails.

Schedule your reports to be sent to your inbox, at a frequency that suits you.

Analyze, compare and evaluate, you can now make the most of the wealth of information your company collects and produces.

Dynamic and multi-dimensional analysis

Add the power of Microsoft Power BI

Data analysis : for professionals who have relied on Excel for years to carry out their analyses and simulations, Power BI, also developed by Microsoft, brings relevant, robust and more consistent functionality.

Advanced retention and sharing : thanks to seamless integration with the Power BI application, DealFabric CRM provides state-of-the-art data loss protection and privacy classification features to ensure data security and compliance, even when exported.