Automatically import the information you need

Share Holdings, Fund Raising, Investment, KPIs… automatically get the information that interests you in your DealFabric CRM.

  • Create data collection forms

    Easily create custom forms based on the information you need. Automated collection of KPIs from your participations, information from your targets or satisfaction surveys from your LPs.

  • Send questionnaires by email

    Automate the emailing of your questionnaires and keep track of the most important information for your company through consolidated reports.

  • Engage your Audience

    Engage your audience at the right time with the assurance that the information is accurate and not re-entered. Reliability and productivity gains are guaranteed.

  • Automatic Integration in DealFabric CRM

    Collected data is automatically consolidated in DealFabric and associated with the files of the companies that have sent them to you. They can be immediately consulted and used by investors or by the back-office team for analysis.

Avec DealFabric collectez des informations directement auprès de vos participations ou de vos cibles grâce à des formulaires

DealFabric CRM interfaces with the main sources of information you need…