A multi-skilled ecosystem

We have built up an ecosystem of Partners who combine their expertise in Private Equity business processes and digital transformation projects with DealFabric’s technological applications to ensure successful projects for our Customers, whatever their size.

We have selected 3 types of Partners based on the strengths and benefits they bring:

Consulting and Services Partners

Polarys, Levo Consultants, Expertime are specialists in Private Equity industry processes. They can help you manage your projects, analyze your needs, design your future application and deploy it to your user teams.

Consulting Solutions Partners

Dimsi, Microsoft are experts in the technologies used by DealFabric. We have forged very close operational links with them. They have an in-depth knowledge of DealFabric and regularly participate in our R&D, customer support and Customer Success activities.

Technology Partners

Microsoft et Touchdown are DealFabric’s strategic technology partners. Well-known and recognized players in the software world, they provide us with the high value-added building blocks on which we develop our CRM, Deal Flow, Fundraising / IR, Marketing and Reporting / Dataviz applications.

Domos et FC Parter are partners offering Middle and Back Office applications for accounting and administrative monitoring of assets and liabilities in financial operations. Integrated with DealFabric via an interface, they offer a “Best of breeds” solution for customers looking for a Front to Back solution.

Levo Consultants, un partenaire DealFabric

At DealFabric, we’re convinced that Partners play an essential role in helping Customers throughout their digital transformation projects.

They bring the indispensable experience of service and technology professionals to those who want to get things done both quickly and well.


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