Solution for investors Fund of funds

Manage your deal flow, track GP’s funds and holdings

Management of fund of funds investments

DealFabric allows fund of funds managers to obtain and track summary or detailed information on their capital deployment activities, explore General Partners’ fund data and meet their reporting needs.

DealFabric allows you to track the best investment funds in the market, sort them and select the ones you will invest in.

Managing fund of funds deal flow in DealFabric

DealFabric CRM for fund of funds companiesware

Specific features for fundraising

  • Possibilities for managers to track private equity funds (GP’s funds) with their qualitative and quantitative criteria in order to sort them and make the necessary arbitrages
  • Possibilities to track the holdings of the GP’s funds tracked
  • Tracking of deals throughout the investment cycle
  • Tracking of key relationships, activities (emails, notes, to-dos, meetings, etc.)
  • Numerous analyses and segmentations possible

An easily customisable application

  • Easy creation and modification of forms and information fields
  • Customise workflows, alerts and tasks
  • Customised reporting and analysis
Managing fund of funds deal flow in DealFabric