Manage and share your important appointments with your team. Trigger reminders on your smartphone.

Keep them in memory by associating them with your deals, contacts or the companies you follow.


Save your notes on your smartphone or tablet and find them instantly in your CRM.

Share them with your teams and save in a single place all the data that can be used later.

Tasks & Reminders

Manage your tasks, share them or assign them. Set automatic reminders.

Enter them or synchronize them with Outlook, you are free at any time.


Record all important documents of your deals: NDA, Term Sheet, BP, Executive Summary, etc.

Link these documents with the companies you track, or keep them in a specific directory.


Measure, assess and analyze performance indicators that are of interest for you.

In DealFabric CRM you will benefit from as many customized analytical dashboards as you want.

Advanced Search

DealFabric offers you a truly advanced search on all the information that is important to your business.

Keywords or predefined filters help you finding the needle in the haystack as a child’s play …

Outlook synchronization

  • Synchronize your contacts with Outloook
  • Synchronize your tasks and appointments
  • Transfer your emails and attachments to the CRM
  • Save information in Outloook and find it immediately in DealFabric
DealFabric intègre parfaitement Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams integration

  • In DealFabric you can create Teams meetings as easily and naturally as in Outlook.
  • From an investment or fundraising deal you create a Teams meeting; immediately you find it in your Outlook and so do your contacts.

SharePoint synchronization

  • Document entry in SharePoint or DealFabric
  • Bi-directional and instant synchronization
  • Access rights management
  • Powerful search engine
  • Track changes
DealFabric CRM is a cloud platform dedicated to the alternative investment sector

Leverage Microsoft applications

All Microsoft office applications are integrated with DealFabric CRM.

Take advantage of all the features of the Office 365 suite and other leading Microsoft applications and increase their adoption among your employees. Your DealFabric CRM continuously evolves and automatically updates with the latest Office 365, Sharepoint, Power BI, etc. updates.

DealFabric is the most compatible CRM with Microsoft technologies!