Use cases and customer testimonials

Access Capital a choisi DealFabric CRM pour son équipe d'Investor Relations

Access Capital Partners

Access Capital selected DealFabric CRM for its Investor Relations team to manage fundraising transactions.

DealFabric équipe la société Andera Partners depuis 2022

Andera Partners

Major private equity player uses DealFabric to monitor its various deal flows and investor relations

InfraVia Capital Partners has been using DealFabric CRM since 2020

InfraVia Capital Partners

Management of two Growth and Infrastructure deal flows. Follow-up of fundraising deals and investor relations. Monitoring of the portfolio.

Entrepreneur Invest

DealFabric CRM & Marketing. Monitoring of deal flow, funds under management, clients and investments. Sales engagement. Outlook integration and synchronization…

Supernova Invest client and user of DealFabric CRM for investment professionals

Supernova Invest

Supernova Invest, one of the leaders and pioneers of Deep Tech in France, has decided to equip its team of investors with DealFabric CRM to manage its deal flow.

Idinvest Partners

Fund management, deal flow, fundraising, investor relations, portfolio, LP portal, marketing and communication, reporting

123 Investment Managers

DealFabric CRM for Management of commercial operations, follow-up of CGP and investor subscriptions and DealFabric Marketing for automated emailing campaigns

EDF Pulse Ventures is a DealFabric CRM customer since 2018

EDF Pulse Ventures

The EDF Group’s investment fund chose DealFabric in October 2017 to manage its deal flow and portfolio.

Partech Ventures, premier client du CRM DealFabric

Partech Ventures

DealFabric CRM for deal flow management, fundraising deal tracking, Placement Agent tracking. Reporting. Investor Relation with DealFabric LP portal.

Sofinnova Partners has been using DealFabric since 2016

Sofinnova Partners

Deal flow, portfolio, fundraising and fund management. Integration with Mailchimp, M-Files, etc.

Isatis Capital

Management of commercial referencing and fundraising operations. Follow-up of investor relations.

Aster Capital

Deal flow management, investor relations and reporting


Eurazeo has been using the DealFabric solution since 2019 to manage its investor relations and monitor its deal flow.

Breed Reply

Management of deal flow, portfolio, contacts and activities. Follow-up of services sold (UK)

Korelya Capital

Management of deal flow, fundraising and fund of funds operations. Follow-up of contacts and reporting.

Family Office

Two Swiss Family Offices, in the canton of Vaud, wishing to remain anonymous, for the management of their investments and the monitoring of their deal flow.

Gaia Impact Fund, un client de DealFabric CRM pour la gestion de son deal flow

Gaia IF

Gaia Impact Fund chose DealFabric CRM for its deal flow monitoring, contact management and document management.

Famille C Venture, Family Office of Clarins Group, is a DealFabric client since 2021

Famille C Venture

Famille C Venture has chosen DealFabric CRM for its deal flow management, contact management, document management and full integration capabilities with Office 365

Idinvest SME Industrial Assets

Deal flow management solution, reporting and management of marketing and communication campaigns

Sapaudia Partners, a turnaround capital fund, is a DealFabric CRM client since 2021

Sapaudia Partners

Sapaudia Partners is a fund management company specialized in turnaround companies. It has chosen the application of a DealFabric CRM in early April 2021

Kley Group, the subsidiary of AXA IM, is a DealFabric customer since 2021

Kley Group

Founded in 2014 and acquired by AXA IM in 2019, Kley Group, selected the DealFabric CRM application in June 2021 to track its front office investment and acquisition transactions.

Alter Equity, 1st impact fund, DealFabric client in October 2021

Alter Equity

The first impact fund created in 2007, implementing a strict philosophy of respect for a virtuous social and environmental footprint, making it a player ahead of its time.

Covéa Finance, société de gestion de portefeuilles, client DealFabric depuis 2021

Covéa Finance

Covéa Finance, a portfolio management company with over €100 billion in assets under management, has chosen DealFabric to manage its investment deal flow.

574 Invest has chosen DealFabric to manage its deal flow

574 Invest

574 Invest, the SNCF Group’s investment fund, chose the DealFabric cloud application in February 2022 to monitor its deal flow.

LBO France acteur incontournable de la transmission d’entreprises.

LBO France

LBO France has chosen DealFabric to manage its Growth deal flow in July 2021.

Adagia Partners is a DealFabric client since April 2022

Adagia Partners

Adagia Partners has chosen DealFabric to monitor its investor relations and deal flow in April 2022.

Sofiouest société d'investissement du Groupe SIPA OUEST-FRANCE


The investment company of the Sipa Ouest-France group has chosen DealFabric CRM in July 2022 to manage its deal flow and contacts.


The new Luxembourg start-up studio dedicated to the European biotechnology sector has chosen DealFabric CRM to manage its investor, start-up studio and investor relations activities.

Axio Capital

Axio Capital

French independent asset management company since 2014, Axio Capital has chosen DealFabric CRM in July 2022 to equip its team of investors

ARB IP user of DealFabric CRM, deal flow management solution

ARB Investment Partners

ARB Investment Partners has decided to equip its subsidiary 300 PPM with DealFabric CRM to manage its deal flow

Solvay Venture is a DealFabric customer since 2016

Solvay Ventures

Management of deal flow, portfolio, contacts and reporting

Upside is an alternative asset investment firm who are using DealFabric CRM Software since december 2022 to manage is investment deal flow

Upside Equity

Munich multi-family office chooses DealFabric CRM to manage its deal flow growth in December 2022.