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Private equity industry is facing increasing competitive pressure…

Teams grow more numerous and larger. Your address book and shared Excel files limit your development capacity. Professionalizing the management of opportunities and contacts requires modern tools that allow you to manage data securely, to gain in efficiency, speed, reliability, and to set up a collaborative culture where the team is stronger than the sum of its individual parts.

This is why DealFabric designed its CRM dedicated to Private Equity to increase productivity.

The aim is to simplify deal flow management, fund raising and investor relations management. It enables developping a common intelligence to accelerate growth while offering the means to very significantly increase its exposure within the private equity ecosystem.

Application for Investors

All investors, whatever their focus, Early Stage, Growth or Private Equity, will find in DealFabric CRM, the application adapted to their needs.

DealFabric enables modern deal flow and investor relations management

Feeding the deal flow

Optimize your deal flow sourcing.

Save all your deals the way you want: company, contact and deal screens are customized to your needs.

Different presentations of the deal flow: Kanban (cards) mode view for “late stage” teams handling limited volumes of deals, or data table view for “early stage” teams with large volumes of data.

Handle your data directly in Excel: in one click, transpose your data into Excel, handle it, complete or add to it, save it and it’s all automatically updated in the DealFabric CRM. Almost magical…

Reading and analyzing the deal flow

Create your dynamic lists

The dynamic lists allow you to visualize in one click your deal flow according to the stages of your investment cycle. They are updated dynamically and in real time as they are entered.

You can create as many lists as you want to segment your data by sector, geography, interest, score, etc. so you can access your analyses in one click!

Dans DealFabric CRM vous pouvez visualiser votre deal flow de toutes les manières possibles
Accès à toutes les datas du deal flow en un clic

Access to all your deal data

View your data the way you need it

All the information you need is accessible in one or two clicks in DealFabric, including access to documents that can be stored in CRM, SharePoint or even Microsoft Teams.

Applications for Investor Relations

Fund by fund followup on fundraising deals, advanced management of notes, automated reporting…DealFabric CRM application is designed for you and has been tried and tested for several years by dozens of users.

DealFabric CRM fournit un module de reporting dynamique et puissant pour analyser votre deal flow et vos opportunités de fundraising


Follow up on your fundraising deals and manage your investor relations.

Consolidate and track all your fundraising deals, according to their level of maturity,

Manage your appointments, organize your notes, track your contacts,

Define the week’s actions and monitor their completion using real time updated indicators,

Automate your reporting and have the status of each of your funds available every Monday morning: Committed Amount, On Going Amount, Dry Powder, etc.

Fund Management

Accurately track your fundraising operations on a fund-by-fund basis

Fund by fund, track your fundraising deals,

Track LPs, Amounts Paid and all the KPIs you are interested in,

Automate your reporting and optimize your relationships with your contacts

Suivi des opérations de collecte de fonds
Portail d'informations pour les Limited Partners

Information portals

Optimize your relationships and build a common intelligence with your LPs

Securely give your LP’s access to your deal flow information.

Give your PA’s the ability to report and track the leads they bring to you, simply and without risk.

Value your actions and strengthen your business relationships by developing a community of shared interests.

Introduce your events or those in which you are involved to your ecosystem.

Document and note management

Store, organize and share your notes and documents the way you like

Thanks to native integration in DealFabric CRM of One Note, Sharepoint and Teams tools you can manage your documents and share them with whoever you want even if they don’t have a CRM license.

All users of Microsoft applications can have access to the libraries shared with DealFabric CRM users. You can thus organize a real document management, by team, by deal or by company.

To go further, you can also chat, participate in audio/video meetings or collaborate on documentary content in real time, internally or externally.

DealFabric Teams Integration
DealFabric Notes Management

Placement Agents Management

Efficiently manage your business relationships

Register your Placement Agents and the deals signed with them.

Accurately follow their “territories” and their exclusivities

Give them the ability to report and track the leads they bring to you, simply and safely.

Applications for Business Development

Lead development, follow-up of investors and CGPs, fundraising follow-up

DealFabric le CRM des Investor Relation et des Investors

Business Development

Increase your productivity tenfold

Manage your prospects and pipeline dynamically: record all the information you need,

Automate the reminders you want: tasks, appointments, alerts … organize in advance the sales actions you will have to carry out later with peace of mind,

Use your data in Excel or with the help of dynamic reports: in one click, transpose your data into Excel, manipulate, complete and save. It’s all in the DealFabric CRM !

Optimizing your Lead Generation

Reinforce the knowledge of your products

Multiply automated marketing actions to generate leads and deals or to gain visibility in your market.

Dynamic lists

Dans DealFabric CRM vous pouvez visualiser votre deal flow de toutes les manières possibles
Suivi du deal flow, du fundraising, relation investisseurs, le CRM DealFabric est conçu exclusivement pour les professionnels du capital investissement

Customer follow-up

Have the means to know and reassure your customers

All the information you need is accessible in one or two clicks in DealFabric, including access to documents that can be stored in the CRM, SharePoint or even Microsoft Teams.

Analysis and Reporting application

With DealFabric CRM you can use all your data as you wish. Analyses, simulations, history, reporting, sharing or extraction directly in Excel, everything is possible. You have the most powerful solution on the market: Microsoft Power BI.

Reporting and Indicators

Track key indicators and steer your activities

Set your key indicators for monitoring the performance of your activities. Track your funds, events, etc. Find them in real time in graphical dashboards or automated emails.

Schedule reports to be sent to your email inbox, at the frequency that suits you.

Analyze, compare and assess, you can now tap into the wealth of information your company collects and produces.

Dynamic and multi-dimensional analyses

Add the power of Microsoft Power BI

Data analysis: for professionals who have relied on Excel for years to do their analysis and simulations, Power BI, also developed by Microsoft, provides relevant, robust and more consistent functionality.

Advanced storage and sharing: Thanks to the seamless integration of the Power BI application, DealFabric CRM provides advanced data loss protection and privacy classification features to ensure the security and compliance of your data, even when it is exported.

DealFabric CRM also offers many other functionalities…

Customers who trust us

They have chosen us and use DealFabric CRM on a daily basis in Paris, London, Brussels, New York, Dubai, Shanghai, etc.

Access Capital a choisi DealFabric CRM pour son équipe d'Investor Relations
Société Générale Capital Partenaires intervient dans le domaine du private equity et plus particulièrement sur les sociétés non cotées en bourse. Elle est mandatée par des souscripteurs (LPs) pour investir au capital de start up, PME mais également des entreprises de taille intermédiaire.
Supernova, an independent asset management company resulting from the merger of CEA and Amundi, chooses DealFabric CRM
Sofiouest société d'investissement du Groupe SIPA OUEST-FRANCE
Axio Capital
eurekARE un client de DealFabric
Andera Partners, est un client de DealFabric depuis mai 2022
Adagia Partners client de DealFabric
LBO France acteur incontournable de la transmission d’entreprises.
574 Invest client DealFabric
Alter Equity, 1st impact fund, DealFabric client in October 2021
Covéa Finance, un client DealFabric
Kley Group, client DealFabric
Sapaudia Partners, a turnaround capital fund, is a DealFabric CRM client since 2021
Famille C Venture, Family Office of Clarins Group, is a DealFabric client since 2021
Gaia Impact Fund, un client de DealFabric CRM pour la gestion de son deal flow
InfraVia Capital Partners has been using DealFabric CRM since 2020
Sofinnova Partners has been using DealFabric since 2016
Partech Ventures, premier client du CRM DealFabric
Solvay Venture is a DealFabric customer since 2016