Application for Investor Relations

Follow-up of fundraising deals, management of placement agents, advanced note management, automated reporting… DealFabric is designed for Investor Relations and has been proven for several years by dozens of clients.

DealFabric CRM fournit un module de reporting dynamique et puissant pour analyser votre deal flow et vos opportunités de fundraising


Track your fundraising deals and manage your investor relations

Centralise and track all your fundraising deals, according to their level of maturity,

Manage your appointments, organise your notes, track your contacts,

Distinguish between your investors whether they are corporations, individuals or funds of funds and monitor the financial vehicles used by your investors ,

Define the week’s actions and monitor their successful completion using indicators updated in real time,

Automate your reporting and have the status of each of your funds available every Monday morning: Committed Amount, On Going Amount, Dry Powder, etc.

Follow-up by fund

Keep track of your fundraising operations fund by fund

Fund by fund, track your fundraising deals,

Track LPs by investor type, Individual, Corporate, Fund of Funds and follow the KPIs that interest you,

Automate your reporting and optimise your relationship with your contacts

Manage your appointments, your notes and all your exchanges precisely

Suivi des opérations de collecte de fonds
Portail d'informations pour les Limited Partners

Investor Portal

Optimise your relationships and build common intelligence with your LPs

Give your LP’s secure access to your deal flow information.

Enhance your actions and strengthen your business relationships by developing a community of shared interests.

Present your events or those in which you participate to your ecosystem.

Share documents and notes

Document and note management

Store, organise and share your notes and documents the way you want

Thanks to the native integration of One Note, Sharepoint and Teams tools in DealFabric CRM you can manage your documents and share them with whoever you want even if they don’t have a license for the CRM.

All users of Microsoft applications can have access to libraries shared with DealFabric CRM users. So you can organize a real document management, by team, by deal or by company.

And to go further, you can also chat, participate in audio/video meetings or collaborate on document content in real time, internally or externally.

DealFabric Teams Integration
DealFabric Notes Management

Placement Agent Management

Manage your business relationships effectively

Register your Placement Agents and the deals signed with them

Track their territories and exclusivities

Give them the possibility to declare and track the leads they bring you, simply and without risk.