Check out our Application Support and Maintenance offers

When you become a customer at DealFabric, you get immediate access to our technology and expertise. Because your success is our success, we do our utmost to support our CRM users with on-demand assistance and support services.

  • We are a force of proposal

    and of action independent of any external influence.

  • We respect our customers

    by immersing ourselves in your culture, your organization and your business.

  • We are pragmatic and result-oriented

    we favour simple and concrete solutions that are easy to onboard, use and maintain.

DealFabric CRM Support

DealFabric Support is included in all DealFabric subscriptions. It includes the following items:

  • Hotline assistance to help diagnose application anomalies
  • Patch support for anomalies qualified as bugs
  • Analysis / assessment of needs for technical and functional upgrades

DealFabric CRM AMS

DealFabric AMS (Application Management Services) is our most complete service. It brings you the answers and solutions to all your questions and needs. The DealFabric AMS offer includes the following services:

  • Scalable maintenance to adapt your CRM to your new needs
  • User support to answer all usage questions
  • Data Management Services for importing new data or data quality management
  • Remote skills transfer
  • On-site training