Integration, Customization, Enhancement, Training

A complete range of services for a fast and efficient use of your CRM

Before installing DealFabric CRM

  • Review of your specifications,
  • Taking into account your existing (data, reporting, applications),
  • Advice and sharing of business- and application best-practices,
  • Customization of ergonomics and taxonomy,
  • Customized automation.

DealFabric CRM Installation

(Package or à la carte services)

  • Recovery of your existing data,
  • Integration in your IS: middle and back-office,
  • Office Automation Integration,
  • Integration to your website (forms),
  • Data room integration, sourcing applications, etc.

Getting Started, Onboarding

(Duration depending on team size)

  • Transfer of skills throughout the project,
  • Onboarding of users,
  • Administrator training,
  • Reporting training (Microsoft Power BI),
  • Marketing Automation Module training.

Onboarding and Training

DealFabric helps you to meet all your starting needs. We always ensure a transfer of skills during the project phase and beyond; we offer several formulas according to your needs.

Administrator Training

Formation DealFabric CRM

On Site Training

Formation DealFabric CRM sur site

Remote Training

Because your success means our success!

Services clients du CRM DealFabric

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Our end-to-end implementation services help you customize, deploy and adopt DealFabric CRM faster and with less risk.

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