InfraVia Capital Partners has been using DealFabric CRM since 2020

InfraVia is a Private Equity firm investing in the European infrastructure market. It invests in a diversified portfolio of real infrastructure assets, such as transport, energy, utilities, communications and social infrastructure.

In 2019 it decided to diversify by launching its first Growth Equity fund dedicated to B2B technology companies. In that context of growth that it has chosen to equip itself with the DealFabric CRM. The growth in number of employees and scope of investment required an increase in collaboration, data collection and sharing, and tools were required for a finer and faster management of the company.

An extremely complete CRM solution

The solution chosen by InfraVia includes the following modules:

  • Investor relations management module and fundraising operations follow-up,
  • Management of two separate multi-fund deal flows,
  • Business Development Activity Tracking Solution
  • Management of notes and documents

Full Office 365 integration

In addition to a very broad functional scope, InfraVia’s DealFabric CRM is perfectly integrated with highly used office automation tools:

  • Microsoft Outlook
  • One Note
  • Teams
  • Excel Online

About InfraVia Capital Partners

InfraVia Capital Partners has €10,5 billion in assets under management since the final closing of its €2 billion flagship in September 2018. In 2019, InfraVia decided to broaden its investor base and raised €550M by creating InfraVia Growth Fund, with a view to invest tickets between €20 and €50M in European start-ups in the scale-up phase.