123 IM

Independent management company created in 2001. It has deployed more than 2 billion euros in 750 companies.

Dedicated to private and institutional investors, it is multi-specialized in investment in tourism (hotels, restaurants, leisure, campgrounds), silver economy (EHPAD, Senior Residences Services), health (laboratories, pharmacies, etc.) and real estate (development, property sales, yield).

It manages 1.2 billion assets and has invested more than 2 billion euros in 400 companies.

At the end of 2019, 123 IM chose DealFabric to support all of its commercial activities and monitoring of CGPs. The DealFabric solution installed, 100% cloud-based, covers the following needs :

  • Account and contact management
  • CGP follow-up
  • Follow up of subscriptions
  • Multi-instrument monitoring
  • Follow-up of prospects and investor clients
  • Automated emailing campaigns
  • Back-Office Connection
  • Office 365 integration