Customer Testimony

At the end of May 2017 Idinvest Partners decided to equip itself with a 100% cloud application. It selected the application designed by DealFabric to manage its Deal Flow, its Fundraising activities and to adapt to fast growing, multi-fund activity.

Louis Bô, Investment Director, to build and manage an iterative project, by phase, in order to equip Idinvest’s teams:

“The project started with the ambition to set up a standardized CRM solution between the teams of investors from Capital Innovation (Smart City, Digital and Health), Growth Equity and Private Debt. The objective was to have a single database for managing companies, contacts and deal flow. But the deal flow had to be completely partitioned between the teams.

Once this first phase completed, the Investor Relations team was equipped to improve its management of fundraising deals and to simplify, thanks to industrialized reporting, its relations with LPs. During this phase, the implementation of the Marketing Automation solution proposed by DealFabric made it possible to automate email campaigns and increase Idinvest’s presence on social media.

Finally, a last phase consisted in setting up additional functionalities to provide operational support companies in portfolio on the one hand, and to stimulate the community of strategic investors on the other hand.

The DealFabric platform offers us both the power and flexibility to make it the focal point of all these activities, but what we applaud even more is the professionalism and availability of the consultants we have had the opportunity to work with”.

Louis Bô

Investment Director

Louis Bô est Directeur d'investissement chez Idinvest Partners

About Idinvest Partners

A leader in European private equity, Idinvest Partners is a subsidiary of the Eurazeo Group. It finances European small and medium-sized companies in all their stages of growth. With 8 billion euros under management, the company has a range of complementary expertise to support the growth of companies:

  • Investment in equity capital,
  • Investment in private debt, directly, but also through Private Equity funds.

Since its creation in 1997, Idinvest financed more than 4000 companies through its three business lines:

  • Innovation & Growth Capital
  • Private debt
  • Mandates & Dedicated Funds

In mid-April 2018, Eurazeo announced it had completed the acquisition of 70% of the company’s share capital for €270 million.