Sofinnova Partners has been using DealFabric since 2016

Sofinnova Partners, one of DealFabric’s first clients

Sofinnova Partners is the leading European venture capital firm specializing in life sciences and one of DealFabric’s very first clients. Exactly, this is our second client. Met during the first half of 2016 with the introduction of Partech Ventures, our very first client, the DealFabric CRM immediately appealed to the Sofinnova team. In mid-2016 we therefore began to deploy our solution for managing a multi-fund deal flow while our project at Partech Ventures was not yet fully completed.

We quickly integrated the Mailchimp emailing and Eventbright event management solutions into the DealFabric CRM. But the most structuring integration was that of the M-Files document management solution. Recommended by DealFabric M-Files is a Finnish application that combines the qualities of ease of use, proven security, compliance with AMF regulations and a great variety of features.

On going addition of benefits

Satisfied with the uses and benefits provided by DealFabric CRM, Sofinnova has gradually upgraded the functionalities:

  • Integration of LDAP directory services for Windows operating systems,
  • Fundraising deals management module
  • Advanced note management module

Following the example of Partech Ventures, Sofinnova Partners introduced us to the Corporate Venture Capital of the Belgian chemist Solvay in 2016…