CRM pour les Investor Relation

Private equity firms are not commercial companies and their activities and processes are very different.

This is true in general, but it is even more true for investor relations, whose fundraising objectives require very different organization and actions. Therefore, a CRM dedicated to private equity firms raising funds must accomplish the following seven tasks in particular:

Manage and optimize communication with current and potential investors

Communication with investors

Answer investors’ questions, inform them of the fund’s performance, investment strategies and organizational changes.

Call and meeting management

Organize and participate in calls and meetings with investors, consultants and other stakeholders to discuss fund performance, investment opportunities and current issues.

Marketing and prospecting

Participate in the development of marketing materials and presentations to attract new investors and promote the funds.

Reporting and updating of information

Prepare periodic reports on fund performance, market trends and investment prospects. This includes creating presentations, letters to investors, financial reports and other documents.

Documentation management

Ensure that all investor materials are current, accurate and in compliance with applicable regulations.

Participation in industry events

Attend conferences, seminars and other industry events to keep abreast of market trends, build relationships with investors and promote the fund.

Relationship Management

Maintain strong and lasting relationships with existing and potential investors, ensuring that they are satisfied and engaged. This requires knowing them well and keeping track of all interactions with them.

What tools for IR?

Investor relations managers are not salespeople. Raising money and managing investor relations is not the same as selling products or services. That’s why the uses covered and the functionalities offered by the standard CRMs on the market cannot be a satisfactory answer to IR needs.

DealFabric CRM has been designed and developed, both in terms of content and form, to support the specific operations related to fundraising and investor relations, in particular for the 7 daily tasks presented above.

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